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In 1877, the British Journal of Photography included more articles on Edinburgh Photographic Society than on any other society.

The BJP also featured Dr Nicol's Notes from the North.  In these, he commented on:

-  Use of the Beer & Albumen process in Edinburgh

-  Cartes de visite and the competition in Portobello

The BJP continued its series of reports on Edinburgh Photographic Society's 1876 Exhibition.  The exhibition remained open into 1877.

It also published, on 28 September, an Obituary of the Late WH Fox Talbot

Please see below for BJP coverage, in 1876, of:

1.  Edinburgh Photographic Society and

2.  Other Edinburgh Articles


BJP  -  1877

1.  EPS Meetings

[No paper] Presentation Print  -  [Discussion] p.22
Norman Macbeth Mr Kareline's Works and What may be Gathered from them p.76, 81
HB Pritchard Photography from a Holiday-Maker's Point of View p.81
James Crighton Our Outdoor Meetings p.126, 129
GW Wilson Transparencies by GW Wilson & Co [Popular Meeting] p.165
T Rodger Platinotype Process p.172, 176
John Nicol The late Arctic Expedition of Captain Nokes  [Popular Meeting] p.189
John Laing Ventilation in Photographic Studios p.225
[No paper] Outdoor Meeting to Bothwell Castle p.238
Peter Low A Few Experiences in the Studio p.283, 285
[No paper] Outdoor Meeting to Arniston p.309
[No paper] Outdoor Outing by Barge to Almond Dell p.344
[No paper] Outdoor Outing by Boat to Aberdour p.393
[No paper] Outdoor Outing to Largo p.465
WT Bashford

Odds and Ends

[Comments and some criticisms of EPS activities over the past four years]

[No paper] Annual General Meeting p.548
[No paper] Exhibition of Mr Keevil's Patent Lantern p.585
Norman Macbeth The Comparative Merits of Different Dry Plate Processes p.592, 596
John Nicol A journey from London to the Falls of Niagara p.610


BJP  -  1877

2.  Other Edinburgh Articles

[No paper] EPS 1876 Exhibition  -  [Reviews] p.3, 19, 27, 39, 45, 62
[No paper] EPS 1876 Exhibition  -  [Judges Comments] p.15
John Nicol Notes from the North [including notes on the beer and albumen process in Edinburgh] p.211, 248
John Nicol Oyster Shell Markings and Development [with comments on Peter Low's recent paper to Edinburgh Photographic Society]. p.307
John Nicol Notes from the North [including more comments on Edinburgh's photographic studios, and a report of the death of Mrs Tunny]. p309
John Nicol Notes from the North
[cartes de visite and Portobello]
John Nicol Notes from the North p.620

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