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There were many reports of Edinburgh Photographic Societies Meetings in British Journal of Photography in 1867:

Meetings of EPS:  Pages 55,  61,  73,  78,  85,  103,  126,  151,  162,  194, 199,  222,  255,  257,  266,  279,  301,  318,  355,  372,  416,   504,    546,  606,  615,  618

The reports above included the following:


BJP  -  1867





Alexander Asher

On Aids to Clean Manipulation
[comments mainly on the wet collodion process]


Robert H Bow

On the Supply of Sunlight in Different Latitudes


Failures and Results with Dry Plates


Sir David Brewster

On the Radiant Spectrum


WH Davies

Action of Chlorides in Collodion for Long Exposures


Davies's Dry Process




Historical Memoranda on Carbon Printing

A long paper with a lot of details, including quotations from Mungo Ponton's work in 1839.


Rev DTK Drummond

Wet and Dry Collodion - A New Portable Tent


William McCraw

Electrotype Clichés


George H Slight

On Photographic Societies

George H Slight wrote this paper as he came to the end of his 4-year term of office as Secretary of EPS.  At that time, EPS had been in existence for only 6 years.  He wrote:

"... It has been remarked that invention in photography is most frequently made by amateurs, as compared with professionals; so it is of consequence, in a good working society, that there should be a thorough admixture of different classes of community among the Members - such as professionals, working amateurs of all ranks, and others calling themselves amateurs, but who may have only a general hankering after the photographic pursuits.

A society composed of professionals alone would soon degenerate into a knot whose talk would be 'shop'; one of working amateurs alone could hardly muster strong enough to meet the necessary expenses attending a regular society, and would frequently feel the want of professional brethren for appeal in difficult questions, &c.  The third class, or ornamental members are useful from their position and influence in giving a certain status to a society, not to be despised, and in assisting to augment the funds.

In order to accommodate all  classes and ensure a large number of members - which must be preferable to a select few - it appears to be advisable that the payment by the members should be fixed as low as the working expenses of the society will admit of ..."

On this last point, George H Slight wrote surely have been happy to see that the EPS subscription was set at 5/- pa in 1861 and remained at this level for over 40 years. this paper as he came to the end of his 4-year term of office as Secretary of EPS.  At that time, EPS had been in existence for only 6 years.  He wrote:



EPS  -  1867 AGM

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