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In 1875, the British Journal of Photography included more articles on Edinburgh Photographic Society than on any other society.

The BJP also featured Dr Nicol's Notes from the North.  In these, he commented on the Edinburgh professional photographers:

AW Steele and
WT Bashford

and on a visit to Edinburgh by George Washington Wilson of Aberdeen.

On 29 January, the BJP published an obituary of OG Rejlander, whose photograph 'Two Ways of Life' caused controversy amongst the Members of the Photographic Society of Scotland in 1858.

Please see below for BJP coverage, in 1875, of:

1.  Edinburgh Photographic Society and

2.  Other Edinburgh Articles


BJP  -  1875

1.  EPS Meetings

Alex. S MacKay Letter to a Young Photographer p.28, 32

John Nicol

Progressive Results of the Past Session

p.30, 32
WJ Stillman The Various Styles of Portraiture p.75, 81

GW Wilson  +
J Valentine

The North and West Highlands p.104
D Aird A Camera for Dry Plates p.123, 128
W Neilson Art Criticism p.126, 128
John Nicol Sketches of English Life and Scenery p.155
Alex. Hunter On the Aid which Photography has rendered to the Fine Arts p.188, 191
RH Bow The Coloration of Statuary p.233, 236
JM Turnbull A Substitute for Ground Glass in the Camera - Te Use of an Actinometer in Landscape Photography ... p.282, 286
[no paper] Outdoor Meeting to St Monance p.298
[no paper] Outdoor Meeting to Almond Dell p.345
[no paper] Outdoor Meeting to Bonally p.490
WH Davies Photographic Etching on Glass p.498, 501
[no paper] Annual General Meeting p.549
[no paper] Annual Dinner p.574
Alex Asher Exhibitions: A Stimulant for Advance True Progress in Art Photography p.592, 598
[no paper] Members' Transparencies p.622


BJP  -  1875

2.  Other Edinburgh Articles

Horatio Ross On Fading p.29
Piazzi Smyth How to take Landscapes with a Portrait Lens at Full Aperture p.208
John Nicol Little Things p.212
John Nicol The Lantern p.424
John Nicol Influence of the Photographic Exhibition p.546
John Nicol Theatrical Lime Lights p.605
Lindsay Howie Soft Printing p.618
Lindsay Howie Printing Department p.629

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