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Published when?

Photography was published:

"weekly, every Thursday morning in town and country"

by Ilfe & Son, 3 St. Bride Street, Ludgate Circus, London EC. 

I have seen copies of Photography for the years 1890-1908 and 1913, but I have not yet investigated the years when the journal Photography was published.   

Photography is one of the journals that Edinburgh Photographic Society  subscribed to when it established its library at its new premises at 38 North Castle Street in 1892.

I have looked in more detail at the 1892 and 1893 editions.  It was in 1892 that the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom was held in Edinburgh.  The event is well covered by Photography.


Photographic Journal


Scope of the Journal?

The  Title Page of the bound volume of the 1892 edition of Photography describes the publication as:



The 1890s editions of this journal were published at a time when photography was becoming a popular pastime and new photographic societies were being established.

Meetings of many photographic societies were covered, with occasional mention being made of the Edinburgh Photographic Society Meetings (though the Society was sometimes referred to as Edinburgh Photographic Club.

The Journal gave regular advice and news under the headings:

-  Photography

-  Spirit of the Times

-  Amongst the Societies

-  Snapshots

-  The Editor's Book-shelf

-  The Editor's Work-table

-  Correspondence

-  The Tourist

-  Question Box

-  Answers to Correspondents

Topics covered in 1892 included:

-  The Hand Camera and How to Use It

-  The Gelatine Dry Plate

-  The Gelatine Negative

-  Making Enlarged Negatives

-  Light in Photography

-  Vignettes

-  Home-made Photographic Apparatus


Photographic Journal



26 May 1892

Poem by A Diston

Some Photographic Experiences, including enamelling and a recent discovery for the Fixing of Silver Prints
Alexander Ayton

2 Mar 1893

The Photogravure Process




Photographic Journal



26 May 1882

EPS Lecture  -  1 Mar 1882

Some Photographic Experiences, including enamelling and a recent discovery for the Fixing of Silver Prints:    Alexander Ayton

25 Aug 1892

The British Association Meeting at Edinburgh  -  1 Mar 1882


-  an Exhibition of Meteorological Photographs

-  an Exhibition of Photographs of Prehensile Babies.

and the following Papers:

  -  Does the Light of the Sun Vary?

  -  Whymper's photographs of the High Andes

  -  Photography applied to Surveying

  -  Experimental Observations on Ben Nevis

2 Mar 1893

The Photogravure Process

16 Mar 1893

Obituary Notice - GW Wilson

22 Jun 1893

Recommendations for photography in Edinburgh

7 Dec 1893

The following were recommended as the best sources for photographs of early pioneers in photography:

-  Captain Abney:  British Journal Almanac, 1894

-  AT Anthony:  Supplemental Plate, BJP, 26 Sep 1884

-  Edmund Becquerel:  News Almanac, 1890

Sir David Brewster:  Nature, June 1879

DaguerreAmerican Annual Photography, 1891

-  Niepce:  Anthony's Annual Photographic Bulletin, 1893

-  Mungo Ponton:  News Almanac 1882

Andrew Pringle:  Supplemental Plate, BJP, 12 Dec 1884

-  Adam Solomon:  British Journal Almanac, 1869

-  JW Swan:  Supplemental Plate, BJP, 20 Jun 1884

Fox Talbot Supplement to Photo News, 11 Mar  1881

-  Sir Chas. Wheatstone:  New Almanac, 1883

and several others.

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