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British Journal of Photography

1920s to 1940s


Reporting the Activities


Edinburgh Photographic Society

1860s to 1910s

BJP then EPS Transactions

In the early days of Edinburgh Photographic Society, from 1861 onwards, many of the EPS activities  were reported in the BJP, and some of the Papers read to EPS Meetings were reproduced in the BJP.

From 1880 until 1926, EPS had its own publication: Transactions of Edinburgh Photographic Society which gave similar reports and reproduced some of the Papers read to EPS Meetings.

Both EPS and the Edinburgh Room have many of the Transactions from 1880 to 1920, but I have not been able to find copies for the period 1921-1926.

From 1927 onwards, Transactions of EPS was replaced by Journal of EPS.  Neither this journal, nor BJP, nor any other old photographic journal that I have found gives detailed reports of Papers read to EPS.

1920s to 1940s

EPS Transactions and EPS Journals, but not BJP!

From 1927 onwards, The Journal of Edinburgh Photographic Society replaced Transactions.  The Journal gave far less detail. It did not reproduce Papers that had been read to EPS Meetings.

Unfortunately, neither BJP nor any of the other photographic journals that I checked seem to have given any significant reporting of EPS activities or Papers read to EPS Meetings.

These are the years of BJP that I have checked.



Future Meetings for EPS and many other societies were listed.

There were a few reports on  photographic society meetings that had been held in previous weeks, including:

-  Royal Photographic Society

-  Professional Photographers' Association (PPA)

-  Branches of PPA:  Edinburgh, Glasgow & West of Scotland, Lancashire, Birmingham, etc.

-  Croydon Photographic Society

but not:

-  Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society


BJP (1925) included a series of articles titled: Photogravure for Photographers

The writer said "My aim in writing the directions which follow is to open photographers' eyes to the splendid possibilities we are neglecting by leaving photogravure solely in the hands of the book and magazine trade.









Now more reports on activities of  photographic societies above, and other photographic societies including the following (but still not EPS):

-  British Cinematograph Society

-  British Press Photographers' Association

-  Institute of British Photographers

Black Out Signs

BJP (1 Dec 1939, p.710) also included an interesting article : 'Black Out Signs - A Suggestion'





Future Meetings for a few societies, but not EPS, were listed.

Reports on  photographic society meetings that had been held in previous weeks, tended to be restricted to specialist and professional societies, including:

-  The Association of Scientific Photography

-  The Institute of British Photographers

The British Journal of Photography can be consulted at the National Library of Scotland.    [Ref U.401.SER]


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