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The Photogram - Title page, 1895   The Photogram  -  Detail from the title page, 1895

Dates and Content

The Photogram was published monthly by Dawbarn & Ward, London from 1894 until when?   The editors, at least in 1895, were H Snowden Ward and Catharine Weed Ward

Each month's edition had about 24 pages.  An attractive series of photographs, one to a page, was issued as Supplement to "The Photogram".

Pages measured about 9 ins x 6 ins, a little smaller than the pages of BJP and other early photographic journals.

 Regular features of the publication were:

-  Our Illustrations

-  Tested Formulae

-  Prints

-  Trade

-  Correspondence

-  Answers to Correspondence



photogram  n.  1. a picture, usually abstract, produced on a photographic material without the use of a camera, as by placing an object on the material and exposing to light.

2.  Obsolete.  a photograph, often of the more artistic kind

Note:  Definition 2 above is the one that applied to "The Photogram" journal.

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I have read The Photogram for the following years, looking for material relevant to Edinburgh:  1895



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