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Almond Dell - 1877

The British Journal of Photography reported on the Outing to Almond Dell on 20 June 1877:

Annual Holiday

"The annual holiday, under the auspices of Edinburgh Photographic Society too place on Thursday 12 inst.  ...  With one or two exceptions, the whole of the principal studios in the City were closed.

As was to be expected in the case of a class which enjoy so few holidays during the summer season, many went off to visit friends or on trips of their own;  but the great feature of the day was, as usual, the general excursion, which on this occasion was to the frequently-visited Almond Dell, and which, as before was reached by canal."

The Weather

"The Weather, which had for some days been disagreeably wet, looked somewhat threatening; but photographers have faith in their friend the Sun, who has never yet failed to shine on their annual holiday."

The Journey

"At 9.30 ... the order was given for the horses to proceed

Mr Kyles, of Portobello, was, as on former occasions, master of the ceremonies, and under his active management the stringed band occupying the stern of the vessel was kept hard at work, dancing being kept up with much spirit to the apparent enjoyment of the younger members of the party.  

... between the dances, the piano was kept busy accompanying the singers of whom there was a good supply for both solos and part songs.

... as on previous occasions a number of employés of Messrs Ross & Pringle gave ample evidence that the encouragement so long given by the firm to vocal music is still continued.

Almond Dell was reached at about 1.30"

At Almond Dell

"Mr Annan, or rather his assistant had been rigging up a dark room and getting his plates prepared, and by and by the party were assembled and grouped for a photograph.  Only those who have tried it know the difficulty of photographing a large number of excursionists.

All went well, and two plates were exposed under favourable circumstances ... [and] two very fair pictures were obtained."

The party enjoyed two hours of games and tea on the barge, before it returned to Edinburgh.

The Return Journey

"In consequence of general disinclination to go home while daylight lasted, the halts were more numerous than in the morning, and the raids on the wild flowers so extensive that by and by the barge looked like a moving flower garden, or a fashionable flower show and musical promenade.

... By this time twilight had deepened into gloom, and while 'Auld Lang Syne' was being sung, the barge was made fast at her destination shortly before ten o' clock ..."

[BJP:  20 July 1877;  p.345]

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