Edinburgh Photographic Society

Colour Printing Group

24 Oct 1967


Introductory Meeting. General Discussion.  Test negatives available.

14 Nov 1967


Kodak Colour Printing Machine - demonstrated

19 Dec 1967


Mounting Colour Prints -  Demonstration

16 Jan 1968


Discussion:  bring prints and your best print from the October test negative.

20 Feb 1968

J T Deans

Studio Night.  Bring cameras loaded with colour negative stock

12 Mar 1968


Group AGM

16 Apr 1968


Demonstration of Melico Comparison Photometer in colour printing

28 Oct 1968

E Simpson

Dish Processing of Colour Prints

25 Nov 1968

Andrew Swanston

The Professional View on Colour Printing

17 Dec1968

G D Rosie

An inexpensive photometer
ALSO Kodak film strip on Ektacolor processing

14 Jan 1969

Matthew Kerr

Make-up for colour. 
ALSO:  Studio session  bring cameras [both sessions run simultaneously]

18 Feb 1969

Matthew Kerr

Studio session and Make-up for colour.   Bring cameras

11 Mar 1969


Colour Print show with guest critic and commentator

14 Apr 1969


Group General meeting with discussion of next yearís programme

28 Oct 1969

H B Cline

Exposure and development.  Colour film will be exposed in the studio and its development will be demonstrated by Mrs Cline

25 Nov 1969

[PCC] Brown

Colour Printing demonstration -  P C C Brown of the City Police Photographic Society

16 Dec 1969

T C M Bradley

Colour from black and white

13 Jan 1970

A C Forsyth

Print spotting  [lecturette]

G D Rosie

Print mounting and matt finishing  [lecturette]

17 Feb 1970


Print show. Bring prints, successes and failures, for friendly discussion

10 Mar 1970


Group AGM

14 Apr 1970


Group AGM  [There was also one in the syllabus for 10 3 1970]

20 Oct 1970

Helen Cline

Demonstration - Colour Printing

17 Nov 1970

W F Band

Printing with Kodak materials

15 Dec 1970

Stuart Moodie

Discussion with the Edinburgh Artist, Stuart Moodie

19 Jan 1971

E A Simpson

Demonstration - aids to colour balance estimation [joint lecture]

G D Rosie

Demonstration - aids to colour balance estimation [joint lecture]

16 Feb 1971


Print show. Bring prints, successes and failures, for friendly discussion

9 Mar 1971


Group AGM

15 Oct 1974


Inauguration of the group.  Lecture on producing the negatives, including film rating and development

29 Oct 1974


Demonstration of filtering and the production of test strips

12 Nov 1974


Producing the final print

26 Nov 1974


Spotting and finishing the print

21 Oct 1975

Ian Dawes

Re-cap of first principals.  Individual techniques

18 Nov 1975

Bill Brand

The Kodak method

15 Dec 1975

TCM Bradley

Colour from B/W Negatives

20 Jan 1976

M Boron

One approach to colour

17 Dec 1976


Print competition and AGM

26 Oct 1976

David Stevenson

Colour Printing Demonstration

23 Nov 1976


Various colour processes used by members

21 Dec 1976

M Boron

Advanced Colour Printing

25 Jan 1977

Nancy Forsyth

My approach to colour

14 Feb 1977


Bring your own.  Various approaches to picture creation

22 Feb 1977


Theme:  Communication.  Nest seasonís programme arrangement

25 Oct 1977

Helen Cline

Colour Printing Demonstration

22 Nov 1977

Marjory Leach

Colour Photography

20 Dec 1977

J W Robb

Talk and demonstration of tank development

24 Jan 1978

Ian Dawes

Colour Printing

21 Feb 1978


Print competition and next yearís programme

14 Mar 1978


[extra meeting if required]

24 Oct 1978


Talks about the use of Cibachrome, Agfacolor and Kodacolor

21 Nov 1978


The different types of drum available. Issue negatives for members to print from

19 Dec 1978


Copying slides to negatives

23 Jan 1979


Presentation of results of prints made from negatives supplied in November,

20 Feb 1979


AGM and Print Competition

13 Mar 1979


Specialist equipment and / or gadgets used by members


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