EPS Meetings

[all evenings except Wednesdays]

The inaugural meeting of EPS was held on Wednesday 20 February 1861. Ever since that first meeting, Wednesday has been the main evening for the Society’s meetings. 

But not all meetings have been held on Wednesdays.     For many years there were occasional meetings on other days:

 -  Saturdays:

Exhibition Lectures

-  Popular Meetings

Specialist groups have met on other evenings.  Activity reached a peak in the 1970s, when members had a choice joining any of the following:

 -  Mondays:


Advanced Group

Colour Group

-  Tuesdays:


Nature Group

Colour Printing Group

-  Wednesdays:

Main Society Meetings

-  Thursdays:


Beginners Group

Improvers Group

-  Fridays:


Studio Group

Pictorial Group


EPS Meeting Nights and Frequencies

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