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A selection of the lectures from 1923 - 1926

The Pictorial Section lectures were held once a month for just three seasons.

Alexander Ayton who gave many of the early lectures was an professional photographer from 1876.  He was EPS President briefly, until his sudden death whilst apparently in good health, in November 1894.

17 Oct 1923

G K Ritchie

Lantern Slide Making  [demonstration]

9 Nov 1923


Criticism of Members' Prints

14 Dec 1923

V L Alexander

The Art Motive in Photography

11 Jan 1924

H N Usher

Methods of Control

11 Jan 1924

D Pryde

A few thoughts on Tone

11 Jan 1924


Criticism of Members' Prints

14 Mar 1924


Criticism of Open Exhibition

12 Dec 1924

A Healey Hislop

Criticism of Exhibition

13 Feb 1925

J Campbell Harper

Visit to Scottish National Salon

13 Mar 1925

G Cousland

Paper Negatives

21 Oct 1925

J B Johnston

Criticism of Portfolio Prints

Nov 1925

A Healey Hislop

Principles of Photography with Pinhole Camera

Dec 1925

A R Sturrock

Visit to Scottish Society of Artists' Exhibition

Jan 1926

A H MacLucas

How to Prepare a Print for Exhibition

Feb 1926

A W Hill

Visit to the Scottish Federation Salon and criticism of the pictures


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