Edinburgh Photographic Society

Creative Photography

15 Oct 1973

C G Reddington

Control of the Negative - Bring any difficult negatives for appraisal if desired

26 Nov 1973

Marjory Leach

Ideas from a slide photographer

10 Dec 1973


“Gadget Night”  -  Members are invited to bring any pet gadgets used in their darkroom and explain how they have helped them

7 Jan 1974

Helen Cline

The Colour print 
(a) Developing the colour negative

Elizabeth Simpson

The Colour print 
(b) Colour Printing

28 Jan 1974

A K McDairmid

Hints on spotting and glazing.  Bring any problem prints for appraisal

25 Feb 1974

J E Black

The Art of Exhibiting

25 Mar 1974


Planning next year’s syllabus;  a chance to air your views

28 Oct 1974

John Robb

Print Control

25 Nov 1974

R Gillanders

My Photography

9 Dec 1974

M Burnett

Close up  [lecturette]

Joan Dawes

Photograms  [lecturette]

P A D Black

Landscapes  [lecturette]

6 Jan 1975


Personal Photography
when members bring prints and slides illustrating all aspects of their work.

Willy Hengl

Discussion of Prints

27 Jan 1975

Brian Armistead

Pictures using lith film

24 Feb 1975

TCM Bradley

Pictures in colour from black and white negatives

24 Mar 1975


Group AGM and arranging next year’s programme

27 Oct 1975


Introductory Meeting

17 Nov 1975

M Boron

Various techniques of negative production. Open discussion regarding examples of exhibition prints illustrating the variety of approaches to picture making

8 Dec 1975


Reversal and solarization.  Discussion of further print selection

12 Jan 1976

J W Robb

Completing he Picture [ - print control

2 Feb 1976


“Bring your own” night 
-  discussion and coffee

23 Feb 1976

R Gillanders

Picture Creation

15 Mar 1976



18 Oct 1976

Introductory Meeting.  Bring prints and slides.

15 Nov 1976

M Boron

Various techniques of negative and production. 
Open discussion regarding examples of exhibition prints illustrating examples of variety of approach to picture taking.

13 Dec 1976


Reversal and solarisation.
Discussion and further print selection.

17 Jan 1977

John W Robb

Completing he Picture [ - print control

14 Mar 1977



14 Nov 1977


An exchange of ideas with the St Vincent Bar Group

12 Dec 1977

J McDougal

Black and white derivative techniques

16 Jan 1978


A bit of what you fancy

13 Feb 1978

John Dawes

Creative colour work

13 Mar 1978


Group competition
with coffee and cakes to stimulate ideas for next year’s programme


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