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21-29 February 2016

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It's a while since I last added any of my own photos to the EdinPhoto web site.  (It can be quite time-consuming to ad them to the site.)

However, I've continued to add some of my photos to  Instagram and TwitterYou can see them on either of these sites, but I recommend Instagram, so try clicking on  the lower  of the two symbols on the left.

Photos that I've added Instagram and Twitter since 1 March 2016 include:

20 February 2016 include:

-  Edinburgh: Central Library  fisheye photos

-  Edinburgh: Granton Harbour

Edinburgh: Inverleith Park - swans and ducks and gulls

-  Edinburgh: Royal Botanical Garden  -  scarecrow

-  Edinburgh: Reflections in cars

-  Edinburgh: Snowdrops

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  29 February 2016


I apologise to anybody who has been waiting a long time for an email response from me. 

-  On 10 February, I still had 538 emails to reply to.

-  Since mid-February I've spent time replacing my old PC by a new one.

-  By 25 February, my backlog of emails had increased to 605 emails.

-  Now, on 29 February, I've reduced the backlog to 589.emails.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  29 February 2016


Feb 28, 2016

Thomas Scott, Photography  Recollections 1, his son Jimmy

new page

Feb 28, 2016

Palais de Danse  Recollections 10, Reply 3,  Ian Paterson

page updated

Feb 28, 2016

Edinburgh Words and Expressions
yap      yapish      yapness

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Feb 27, 2016

St Margaret's School Newington  Recollections 1,  Reunion 2017

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Feb 26, 2016

I'm  now working on a new PC.   See my 'emails' note above

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Please click on the symbol on the left to follow me on Twitter and see a few of my photos there.   My Twitter account is @PeterEdinPhoto.

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Please click on the symbol on the left to follow me on Instagram and view a few of my photos.  My Instagram account is peter_edinphoto.

UPDATE (May 2015):  I've found that adding my photos to Instagram is easier than adding them to the EdinPhoto site.  So I'm still updating EdinPhoto, but I've begun to add more of my own photos and short video clips to Instagram..


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