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Early Exhibitions

The Photographic Society of Scotland was established in 1856, and held its first Exhibition from Christmas in 1856 until early 1857.  The Exhibition was staged at Hanover Street, only a few yards away from the location of the Edinburgh Photographic Society Exhibitions of the 1980s and 1990s

Press Reports for the 1856 Exhibition were enthusiastic.  There was debate at the time between artists and photographers - the photographers claiming that their pictures were painted by the sun.  One letter to The Courant on 22 Jan 1857 supported the photographers:

"Old fashioned artists - the gentlemen of the brush - show a little jealousy of the photographic exhibition and its success.  They are indignant that men who only fix the image as it lies should be called artists.  Let the sun speak for himself."

This letter was followed by the poem, telling the readers that they would not be disappointed if they invested one shilling in visiting the Exhibition of the Photographic Society of Scotland.  The Poem appeared under the title:

- Apollo against the Artists

A few days later, The Daily Scotsman of Jan 31, 1857 told its readers of the marvels to be seen at the Photographic Society of Scotland Exhibition in Hanover Street, in: 

- Temple of the Sun


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