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EPS Members

For a short period in the 1940’s, The Edinburgh Journal included a photo and a short verse for each of the EPS Presidents.

-      WPG Gunn                       [President 1946 to 1947]

-      W Forbes Boyd AMIEE ARPS   [President 1948]

-      A Duncan BSc PhD ARPS           [President 1949 to 1953]

From 1965 we have a little poem:

 -      DOH on GLA

DOH  = David Octavius Hill  - part of the Hill & Adamson partnership, one of the most renowned photographers of the 1840s.  He lived from 1802 to 1870 and was a prominent Member of the Photographic Society of Scotland, from its foundation in 1856, then (I believe, but still have to check) of  Edinburgh Photographic Society.  His bust still stands in the Entrance Hall of EPS Premises at 68 Great King Street.

GLA = Gracie Alison  - has been a Member of EPS for almost 60 years.  She was EPS Secretary throughout the period 1946 to 1985 - a prominent portrait photographer, with long run of Exhibition successes, elected FRPS in 1957 and a member of the London Salon in 1964.  A further exhibition featuring some of Gracie’s strong portraits from the 1950s was held in central Edinburgh in 1998. 

From 1984, we have to thank “Ko-ko” for portraying some well-known members of EPS in:

-      A Few Portraits

The members are Tom Bradley, Jim Kelly, Gracie Alison, John Robb, George Cruickshank, Mike Gwyer and George Reddington.


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