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Our retired President, Tom Bradley

Would gladly

Have stopped blowing his whistle as hard as he was able

If members had subsided when he banged the table.

We doubt if Jim Kelly

Will be happy until he gets a tele-

vision spot

For all the photos that the EPS has got.

Will we find Grace L Alison

Extremely busy when the Edinburgh Festival is on.

If August makes you feel a nervous wreck,

Think of the Hon Sec.

John Robb

Is very prob-

ably going to get nine out of ten

Next month again.

G  D Cruickshank

Has been known to look blank

When considering the compositions

Of prints in contemporary exhibitions.

There is no doubt that Mike Gwyer

Could never be accused of not being a trier.

We wish him luck this year in persuading more persons

To get wet on his excursions.

G D Reddington is better known as Reddie

Unlike that King called Ethelred as you will know if your

history at school was not too unsteady

But by the time I found a rhyme for his name

The end of the Clerihew came.




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