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Edinburgh Photographic Society

With mingled feelings I recall those days when forth I hied,

A novice, with my half-plate in a satchel  by my side;

Resolved on “taking” somebody, or something, you may guess,

But lackaday!  I knew not then the good old EPS.

To drive the crowd of urchins back, who gather quite in force

Upset one, and the dark side I forgot to draw, of course;

And ofttimes two exposures on one plate (which is excess)

Produced effects more wonderful than charming, I confess.

Sometimes the cap I would forget still firm upon the hood,

While I with air of one who knows, (but inward trembling) stood;

And, watch in hand, the rubber ball, most deftly I would press,

Then came a glad expectant dream - words cannot here express

’Twas in the darkroom, vivid thoughts of latent gems would rise

And phantom landscapes oft beguiled one’s weary, watchful eyes;

Till roused by some home critic -“What a horrid splashy mess!

Why don’t you learn from others - Go and join the EPS.”

On progress bent, with firm resolve, and by a friend proposed,

I proudly was admitted mem. con. (that is, unopposed);

Now, while I live, I surely that auspicious day shall bless,

When I became a member of the good old EPS.

Here genial, kindred spirits one can meet with by the way

And all his wrongs have righted, and made clear as an X-ray;

Those little peccadilloes need no longer now distress,

For everything goes smiling when you join the EPS.

So now, I sally fort, rare gems to gather as I go,

And e’en have ventured to exhibit at the Photo Show;

Success has crowned my efforts.  If you’ll call at my address,

You there can see my trophy - Bronze Medallion EPS.

 Karr Bonne



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