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Success Story

Youíve heard of Alexander, an ambitious sort of bird;

Napoleon and Carnegie were the same

Throughout the course of history the chosen few are stirred

By the urge to make a future or a name

But none who has aspired to fame or pelf

Has burned with more ambition than myself.

I remember as an infant, I made up my mind one day

To stuff within my mouth my little tie,

And although the effort cost me almost more than I can say

I finally persuaded it to go,

For  my will is so exceptionally strong

That nothing can hold out against if long!

At school, I pitied all the other lads who seemed content

To play about regardless of their fate,

For I was more ambitious -  all my energies were bent

On growing up and reaching manís estate.

Still round that school the heedless urchins play

While I have grown not only up but grey.

In youth, I vowed Iíd prosper (for my dear old motherís sake)

So, courageously, I  laid my plans ahead

And in order to be certain that my fortune I would make

An heiress, I decided, I would wed.

If just one wealthy heiress had agreed

I should doubtless have grown very rich indeed!

But wisdom comes with age, and in the end I came to feel

That happiness alone is worth a jot,

So I took up photography with all my wonted zeal

And gave it simply everything Iíd got.

Though harder up than ever I confess,

Iím happy now.   So isnít that success?

Moral:     You wish a recipe for happiness

Itís easy.  Simply join the EPS



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