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To Our President

Oh, whistle and we’ll obey you, my lad

Aye, whistle and we’ll obey you, my lad

Though Chairmen wi’ gavels may hammer like mad

Just whistle and we’ll obey you, my lad

Though most o’ the folks here indulge wi’ delight

In a gossip wi’ friends at the start o’  the night,

But the juiciest items are lost in the fright

When you whistle and make us obey you, my lad

When word-happy speakers indulge in the crime

o’ rabitting on and exceeding their time,

They’ll find they are quickly cut off in their prime

When you whistle, for all must obey you, my lad us

You could blow on a trumpet, a horn or bassoon,

Or hammer out rhythms on two wooden spoons,

So why pick a whistle that’s dead out of tune

When you’re just wanting us to obey you, my lad.

Yet sometimes I think - does it work in the house

Although it makes Members sit quiet as a mouse,

Do you use this technique when controlling your spouse?

When you whistle - does she obey you my lad?


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