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William the FRPS

Though EPS Members are gifted and shrewd and accustomed to lots of success

There are few who would dare to suggest they compare with William our FRPS.

His landscapes, his portraits, derivatives, nudes, all bear the perfectionist’s stamp

And as William would say in his own modest way, "When the Members’ comes round I’ll be Champ."

William toiled in the darkroom from winter to spring in his bid to outdistance the field

While he dreamed of the day he would hear the judge say, “Bill, you’ve won the Memorial Shield".

But the path of the prophet is littered with rocks, and the future’s not easy to see,

And poor William forgot what great Kismet did not - which was Jimmy AFIAP.

The critics agreed that the rivals were good and the difference between them was slight 

And when Spring had been sprung, and the prints had been hung, it was clear that the critics were right.

The tension built up as the judge stood in doubt and considered again and again,

Then said, “This print by Bill is fantastic, it’s brill.  The least I can give it is ten. 

The Council all fainted, the Treasurer swooned, the President fell from his chair,

In the moment’s fierce heat, William sprang to his feet and raised a clenched fist in the air.

But the judge hadn’t finished; he turned to Jim’ print and announced A sublime photograph”.

It’s supreme, it’s a dream, it’s the cream de la cream and I‘m giving it ten and a half.

The judging was over, an unheeding crowd swept away to a late evening tea,

While behind in the dust, close by D O Hill’s bust lay our FRPS RIP. 

And each midnight, past presidents gaze from above in apparent imperviousness,

But each portrait on high casts a pitying eye on the shade of our FRPS.

If you must have a moral, it has to be this, taking photographs ought to be fun.

When you find that your aim is desire to find fame - just you listen to Ko-ko and run.



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