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Night Shift


    Dear Treasurer,

It is our wish

To make your lot much sweeter

When the little man comes round next time

To read the King Street meter

We do not know how much you want

But we’re working on the hunch

That this will buy sufficient gas

To cook the Night-Shift’s lunch.

Our lunch is served at midnight (sharp)

(By then we’ve come to life)

So do drop in and have a bite.

PS  Bring fork and knife!

-  Night Shift:  1960


     Your Ref:  N.S.I

The Treasurer acknowledges

Your generous donation

But hates to think its lack might cause

The Night-Shift night starvation.

Therefore he has applied the cash

To purchase this comestible

Which he sincerely trusts you will

Accept and find digestible

For your invite to midnight lunch

He also is most grateful.

He will be there with knife and fork

So please reserve a plateful

-  The Treasurer:  1960


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