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From Euclid we were taught in youth

The whole is greater than the part,

But that is scientific truth;

The converse seems to hold in Art.

So when you point your Hasselblad

Intent on your pictorial rôle

Take this to be your motto, lad,

“The part is greater than the whole”.

In this you must be adamant

Before you ever take a shot,

Select what is significant,

Eliminate whatever’s not.

Go closer, try to fill your screen,

Maximum impact is your goal,

When you survey this earthly scene

The part is greater than the whole.

And when its in the bag (you hope)

There’s still the darkroom stage to come.

Enlarging gives you ample scope

To drive your message deeper home.

So trim and shade and work away

With any method of control,

’Til Salon hung at last you’ll say

“The part is greater than the whole” 



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