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Mr Murch's Recent Lecture

If you can photograph a hackneyed subject

And treat it in a different kind of way,

Removing highlights where they arenít wanted

And putting others in where they will pay.

If you can liquidate unwanted children

And turn the smoke to drift against the wind,

Or make the sun set where it was at midday

And donít confess how many ways youíve sinned

If you can focus on a bit that matters

And leave the distant lamp-posts slightly hazy,

Or lighten up the overhanging branches

And see the charm of paving when itís crazy

If you can do just half the things Iíve mentioned,

Or even one or two supremely well,

Youíll be a downright regular Royal Fellow -

A Whitehead-Mortimer-Murch-McKissock-Dell.


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