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The Photographer's

 Dream Child

Can I be in your picture, Dad?

I know just what to do.

I will not watch the camera

But turn and face the view.

Iíll stand quite still until you say

And never move a trace,

Suppose it takes you half a day

To get the clouds in place.

Can I be in your picture, Dad?

Iíll walk beneath those trees

Towards you or away from you

Whichever way you please,

And when you think that you have got

The composition right,

Iíll stand for hours upon the spot

And wait for better light.

Can I be in your picture, Dad?

I want no bribe at all.

Enough for me that Iíll be on

The Exhibition wall.

I feel the honour very great

That I can play my part

In your endeavours to create

The perfect work of art!


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