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To a Toun Tree

Your ruits aneath the cauld flags

Whaur naething grows but paper bags,

Frae lums, that’s melled wi’ diesel smeek.

Hoo did ye ken?

Nocht to seek, look up, look doun

But grey wa’s o’ a grey toun.

Time for a’ your braw, new gear?

 Hoo did ye ken?

Primevera’ lichtsome lass,

Trips athort the flouer-sprent grass.

The causeway-stanes o’ this rough street

Wad shairly bruise her denty feet.

Hoo did ye ken?

Gin it was no’ yon bonnie burd

Was it the spyugs that brocht ye word?

Or did the traffic-dodgin’ doos

Aiblins hae time to spreid the news?

Hoo did ye ken?

Hooe’er it was afore my e’en

Your sooty twigs are tipped wi’ green,

The bravest gesture o’ the year.

A ferly, freend, that gars me speir

Hoo did ye ken?


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