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An E'nbrugh Dream

I had an unco dream the ither nicht:

I dreamt the Castle and the Castle Rock

Had disappeared - clean vanished frae the sight

Doon the volcanic plug-hole.  What a shock!

The view frae Princes Street was brak your hairt.

Juist naething!  A’ the Bailies had assembled

To view the damage frae the safest airt -

Ae muckle hole.  Some grat and ithers trembled.

“Man, this’ll kill the tourist trade for shair

But mebbe we could hae a car pairk noo.”

The polis moved me on.  I heard nae mair

But saw, afore I left for the Buroo,

A message chalked by someone wi’ a grouse

“Site of the Ring Road - Sewage - Opera House.”

Douglas Fraser ?





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