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A Highland Landscape

Bleak Moors, gaunt hills - “No picture here”

The critics say, but in my car

A whisper questions  “Is it so?

These are the hills you love to know.

From boyhood you have made your way

Among them many a summer day;

In manhood you have sought and found

Their welcome every season round;

Your feet have leapt their black peat hags.

Slipped on their screes and scaled their crags

Rung on their rocks, sprung on their heather;

To you in every sort of weather

They have revealed each varying mood

And you have seen and understood

These strange effects of sun and mist

The critics say do not exist.

(These armchair critics, be it said,

Rush in where climbers fear to tread.)

You have found beauty.  Therefore take

Your photograph and strive to make

A picture that will represent

Something of all that this has meant.

For if you fail, you merely prove

Their ignorance exceeds your love!


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