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Mary had a little print,

Its whites were white as snow,

The other tones were black as soot,

Why Mary didn’t know.

She took it to the EPS

Upon the Critics Night

They told her what to do with it

(She thought them impolite.)


Where are you going to, my pretty maid?

To pose for the Major, Sir, she said.

Will it be “Figure” my pretty maid?

Yes, if he asks me, Sir, she said.


Paterson, Paterson, Contax man,

Make me a print as fast as you can.

“Sorry old chap, that just can’t be,

I’ve made my print for ’53!” 


James Scott fellow fine,

Can you shoe this horse of mine?

“Yes I could but  I don’t wan’ta

I’m busy with my wee Ikonta.

There’s the tools upon the shelf

Go shoe the blasted horse yourself!”


  Sing a song of sixpence,

A pocket full of spools,

Five and twenty ramblers

Dressed up like silly fools,

When the clouds were opened,

They all began to wring,

While Bob Strathdee with shouts of glee,

Was seen to dance and sing.


Hickory, Dickory “Doc.”

In a sense you’re our “perishing rock”,

For the sensors declare

“He’s immune, he’s THE CHAIR”  ---

And they’ve put our lampoon into stock.


Eeny meeny miny, Me,

You’d be surprised the things I see.

Eeny meeny miny, You

Had best be careful what you do!

For everything you do or say,

In club-room or by greenwood tree,

May well appear in print one day, …!

Beware of miny Meany Me!

Christmas Magazine: 1953

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