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Snapping Matilda

Once a jolly Clubman went upon a picture hunt

Took all his cameras - one, two, three

And he sat and he sat and waited for the rain to stop

Under the shade of a sycamore tree.


Snapping Matilda, snapping Matilda

You’ll come a-snapping Matilda with me

And he sang as he sat and focused up his Hasselblad

“You’ll come a-snapping Matilda with me.”

Out came his Weston for to take a reading with

Hardly a flicker could he see.

Out came Matilda, sat upon her garden gate

“You’ll never take me alive,” said she


Snapping Matilda, snapping Matilda

Up jumped the Clubman reaching for his Hasselblad.

“Yes I can take you alive,” said he.

“Where’s that jolly Tri-X I’ve got in my gadget bag?

“Who’ll come a-snapping Matilda with me?


Snapping Matilda, snapping Matilda

Just at that moment, on came the rain again,

Washed our enthusiast out to sea.

But his ghost may be heard at outings of the EPS

Blaming the weather on Bob S…...e.


Snapping Matilda, snapping Matilda


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