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Instructions for painting in oils

I was particularly pleased to receive an example of a photograph from the Newport studio of Brown, Barnes & Bell which had been over-painted in oil.

This was sent to me by Rick Devin, Hope Valley, Rhode Island, USA. Rick believes that the photo is of his great-grandfather.  The photo measures about 11ins x 9 ins and was mounted in an oval gold leaf frame, marked on the back:  Last one of this style left.  1.50."

Photograph and
Painting Instructions

  Photograph by Brown Barnes & Bell  -   probably of the great-grandfather of Rick Devin

    Instructions for oil painting on the back of a carte de visite from the studio of Brown Barnes & Bell

    Photograph by Brown, Barnes & Bell, finished in oils.

Here are more examples of Brown, Barnes & Bell photographs finished in oils:

carte de visite                       cabinet print

       Carte de visite of a Lady, hand coloured  - by Brown, Barnes & Bell                        The back of a cabinet print by Brown Barnes & Bell, with labels from a White Star Lline cruise  -  date not known



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