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T Harrison's

North British Photographic Establishment

T Harrison's Photographic Establishment was described as being on the corner of Princes Street and Hanover Street, so its number would have been 1 Hanover Street

The wording on the back of the carte de visite below describes J B Cartlidge as being:

- Principal Artist in T Harrison's North British Photographic Establishment and

- Late Partner and Principal Artist of the Edinburgh Photo Company

J B Cartlidge  -  Photo 1     J B Cartlidge  -  Back of Photo 1 


Here is one of J B Cartlidge's carte de visite giving the address as Edinburgh Photographic Gallery, 1 Hanover Street, but without any mention of T Harrison.

 Perhaps this is from the time when he was working for the Edinburgh Photo Company:

J B Cartlidge  -  Photo 3     J B Cartlidge  -  Back of Photo 3 




PSS Exhibition - 1864

JB Cartlidge exhibited three frames of cartes de visite in the 8th exhibition of the Photographic Society of Scotland in February 1864.


Family History

Many thanks to Richard H Wilson great-grandson of J B Cartlidge who provided the following additional information.

JB Cartlidge:

-   J B Cartlidge was born in Edinburgh, 9 September 1834.

-   He was named Joseph

-   His first marriage was to Margaret Downie on 13 July 1855
Was she, perhaps, the daughter of the photographer, William Downie?

-   His second marriage was in 1865

-   His family moved with family to Morley, south of Leeds.

-   He had at least five children:

[name?]   b. Jedburgh, 1860

Richard   b. Birmingham 1865 (who became a well known rhubarb grower)

[name?]   b. Jedburgh, 1860

[at least two others]  b. Leeds and where?



Cartes de Visite

J B Cartlidge

 J B Cartlidge:      Thumbnails     Nos 1 to 4     Nos 5 to 8

Edinburgh Photo Co

Edinburgh Photo Co:  Thumbnails     Nos 1 to 4     Nos 5 to 8


JB Cartlidge  -  studio addresses and dates