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John McKean

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Edinburgh Photographic Society

EPS  -  Sports

John McKean was actively involved with Edinburgh Photographic Society, literally.  At the society’s picnic, at Arniston House in 1884.  He donated one of the sports prizes  -  an illuminated album as 1st Prize for The 150 yard race for Gentlemen.  He came 2nd himself in this race and won a box of biscuits.

He was also 2nd in The High Leap for which he won a series of 12 carbon prints, and he won an opera glass for being placed 2nd in the day’s photographic competition for the best ‘Bit’ taken in the Grounds of Arniston House.

EPS Lectures

John McKean was elected a Member of EPS on 7 December 1881, and soon gave lectures to the Society:

-  1882:  "The Modern Photographer, his Power and Appliances"

-  1882:  "A New Departure in Alkaline Development"

-  1883:  "An Improved Carrier for Lantern Transparencies"

-  1883:  "Photographic and other Impressions of America and the World Fair

-  1886:  "Cycling with the Camera"

-  1888:  "Retouching; its Use and Abuse" (with limelight illustrations)

EPS Exhibitions

At the 1890 EPS Exhibition, John McKean presented a wide range of work.  He exhibited:

-  3 silver prints:  two were landscapes and one was titled: "Steamers in Motion"

-  2 platinotypes:  one being  "Eclipse of the Sun - 17 July 1890"

-  2 matt silver prints and 3 bromide prints

-  1 exhibit:  "The Original Aird’s Hand Camera of 1872"

John McKean

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