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Albumen print of Lasswade by John McKean

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Lasswade Photograph

The photograph above, was taken by John McKean, probably  around the 1890s.  It shows the road to Edinburgh as it approaches Lasswade.  Lasswade is about seven miles to the south-east of Edinburgh.  Its centre is in the valley at the bottom of the hill, after the road has curved round to the right.

Today [2003] the scene can still be recognised:

-  The large building is still on the hill at the top right, above the fishwife.

-  The wall on the right still looks the same, but the road is now very busy.

-  Most or all of the buildings on the left have vanished.

-  The low buildings in the centre of the picture have vanished.

The house almost straight ahead with its lean-to shed, in the centre of the road at the junction, is still standing.  The premises of Midlothian Camera Club are a few yards around the corner to the left at this junction.


John McKean

   Junction Bridge  - The corner of Great Junction Street and Ferry Road


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