Edinburgh Themes

Talk by Peter Stubbs to Edinburgh Photographic Society, Creative Digital Group  -  January 21, 2013










The Year





Types of Photography

A Few Photos






Snack Bars

Police Boxes

Street Furniture

Cow Parade

Jungle City

Street Art & Graffiti



Shops & Cars




Calton Hill


Looking Down



Forth Bridge

Camera Obscura

Granton Harbour

Royal Mile

Leith Docks





Thanks for the invitation.            I've not given this talk before.

Some photos are quite old; others are recent.


Edinburgh Themes

6 Parts - Lots of Photos - Let's start now


This Evening

  • I'll be going quickly through lots of photos this evening, not be stopping for long on any photo.

  • The intention is just to show the sort of work that I've been doing.

  • I've added the talk to my EdinPhoto web site, so you can look again at any of the photos there.


    Web Site

    My web site www.edinphoto.org.uk includes photos and recollections of Edinburgh.

    Start typing Edinphoto or Peter Stubbs into Google.

    The EdinPhoto site is non-commercial.  I don't sell any of my photos, but people sometimes ask if they can use them.  I usually agree.



Up to 1990s

  • I used to enter my photos in competitions, both EPS and External.

  • Competitions motivated me to take photos.  The feedback was helpful.

  • I found the Colour Group Theme Competitions to be a good challenge.

  • I enjoyed seeing how others had interpreted the same theme.

  • Maybe I'll enter competitions again, but ...


Since 1990s

Now, my main reasons for taking photos are:

  • to capture some images that I hope will be interesting to look back on in the future.

    Edinburgh is constantly changing.  I'm surprised just how quickly it changes and how many of the photos that I've taken, even quite recently, could not be repeated today.

  • to capture images that I think might be of interest to people viewing EdinPhoto web site, now and in the future.


Web Sites, Papers, Magazines, Christmas Cards, ...

Web Sites, Papers and Magazines

As well as adding my photos to the EdinPhoto web site - when I have found the time to do that - and occasionally sending photos for publication in the Edinburgh Evening News Picture Gallery feature, I've received emails from many people around the world asking if they can use my images for different purposes.

I've often been surprised by where the requests have come from:

-  a group of Australian Electricity Pylon enthusiasts interested in my photo of a Pylon in the mountains in Queensland

-  a group of Ukrainian Bus Shelter enthusiasts, interested in some of my photos of Edinburgh bus shelters.

-  Several editors of specialist magazines that I never knew existed.

Here are a few of the places where others have made use of my photos:



Bus Timetables

Photograph of Melrose Abbey on the cover of a First Bus Timetable, Borders Area

Melrose Abbey

First Timetable
Borders Area

Photograph of Bandstand at Bo'ness on the cover of a First Bus Timetable, Falkirk Area

Bo'ness Bandstand

First Timetable
Falkirk Area

Photograph of Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park and Canongate area on the cover of a First Bus Timetable, Falkirk Area

Salisbury Crags in Holyrood
Park + Canongate Area

First Timetable
Midlothian Area


Christmas Cards

Christmas Card produced for North British Distillery Co, featuring one of my photos taken in the distillery yard at Gorgie, Edinburgh

NB Distillery Yard

North British Distillery Co,

Christmas Card produced by Amsterdam Branch of Bank of Scotland, featuring one of my photos of fireworks at Edinburgh Castle, taken from the Grassmarket

View from Grassmarket of
Fireworks at Edinburgh Castle

Bank of Scotland,
Amsterdam Branch

Postcard published by Johnston Financial Ltd, Edinburgh, featuring my photograph of a snowman near Rannoch Moor, Scotland

Snowman near
Rannoch Moor

Johnston Financial, Edinburgh

Christmas card published by Bethany Christian Charity, featuring my photograph of a crib in West Princes Street Garden beside the foot of the Mound

Crib in West Princes Street Gardens

Bethany Christian Trust

Christmas Card published by City of London Police, featuring my photograph of two Policemen standing in a snowstorm and chatting, near the Bank of England Head Office in the City of London

Police near Bank of England

City of London Police


Highland Cattle
near Crianlarich, Scotland

Christmas Card published by RSAIB, 'Scotland's Charity helping people who have depended on the land', featuring my photo of highland cattle near Crianlarich

Christmas Card

RSAIB (farming charity)

A Christmas card published by Bank of Scotland, Antwerp Branch, featuring my photo of a highland cow near Crianlarich

Christmas Card

Bank of Scotland
Antwerp Branch

An Advert for Highland Airways, featuring  my photo of a highland cow near Crianlarich


Highland Airways

A tin for shortbread, sold at Christmas 2011 by Edinburgh Bakery, featuring my photo of a highland cow near Crianlarich

Shortbread Tin

Edinburgh Bakery

Truck decorated with photos, including my photograph of highland cattle in the snow, near Crianlarich

Haulage Contractor's truck

James CC Ferguson

Truck decorated with photos, including my photograph of highland cattle in the snow, near Crianlarich

Haulage Contractor's truck

James CC Ferguson

Others have used some of my photos as a basis for a painting, a tapestry, on a CD cover, a poster, a notice board, packaging for coffee, a First Day Cover, in exhibitions, lectures, religious services, other web sites, archives, family history collections and in several  books.


End of Introduction