Bingham Railway Bridge

about a mile and a half south of Portobello

Bingham Railway Bridge -  July 2008

Bingham Railway Bridge  -  July 2008

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith), France                                 Photograph taken: July 2008



Thank you to Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith) now living in France, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph taken when she visited Edinburgh in July 2008.

Frances wrote:

The Tunnel through to Letty's

"This photograph is of the railway bridge at Bingham. In the 1950s and early 1960s, we called it the 'tunnel through to Letty’s'  We were sent there many times by our mum when she desperately needed sugar or soap or something,

Just after the tunnel on the right was a tiny shop, Letty’s.  It was very handy in an emergency and luckily she always had sweeties too, like the 'Penny Dainty', much loved by us all. Of course the shop no longer exists but 40 odd years later I recognized the place.

I hope this photo will bring back nice memories."

Mary Frances Merlin (née Monteith), France:  October 6, 2008


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