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Professional Photographers

Professional Photographer  -  Sotires Georgiades    

I have listed the dates, names and addresses of Edinburgh's professional photographers.  This may be useful for anybody attempting to date family history photographs.  I have also given background information on many of the photographers.  

I have been pleased to meet the descendants of several of Edinburgh's  early photographers, and would like to meet more.  Please e-mail me at if you have any information.

Photographic Societies

PSS Medal   

Edinburgh Photographic Society still exists.

There is a link to the current EPS web site, together with:
   -  140 years' history of EPS Wednesday Meetings and
   -  140 years' history of EPS Photographic Exhibitions.

For lighter reading, there are:

Comments and Quotations from the 19th century

-  Details of early Early Photographic Outings and

Poems, many by EPS Members, including a Gilbert & Sulliven Section.. 


My Photos

Piper in the Highlands  -  Photograph by Peter Stubbs

I have also included a few of my photographs, together with a brief note about my own photographic interests.



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