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This  web site records my research into the history of photography in Edinburgh since 1839.  It is a non-commercial web site.

The site includes early history of photography in Edinburgh; dates, addresses and background of Edinburgh's early professional photographers, and the history of photographic societies:

Edinburgh Calotype Club

-  established 1840s

Photographic Society of Scotland

-  established 1856

Edinburgh Photographic Society

-  established 1861


There were about 12,000 pages on this site, together with many old photos engravings, and some of my photos I am continuing to add more pages and images to this site.    I hope you find the site interesting.

   Engraving from 'Modern Athens'  -  with links to other engravings

Early Photography in Edinburgh  -  Talbot, Brewster, Hill & Adamson, Early Professional Photographers in Princes Street, etc.   Professional Photographers in Edinburgh  -  1840 to 1940  -  Their names, dates of business and studio addresses.   The Photographic Society of Scotland  -  1856 to 1873  -  Lectures, Exhibitions, Outings, etc.   The History of Edinburgh Photographic Society  -  1861 to date  -  Lectures, Exhibitions, Outings, Poems, etc.   Background notes on the research thal led up to the creation of this site  -   together with lists of new material added to the site since its launch.    Click here to find the link to the Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society web site.


Author:     Peter Stubbs

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh, 2001and later


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