Early History


Photography in Edinburgh


In 1839 Talbot in England and Daguerre in France announced their discoveries of photography.  

Edinburgh citizens took an immediate interest.  In 1839:
  -  Edinburgh's Learned Societies discussed photography, 
  -  James Howie held a daguerreotype exhibition in Princes St.  


From 1843 until 1847, Hill & Adamson  produced several thousand calotype photos from their studio at Rock House, Calton Hill, Edinburgh.  Several Exhibitions will be held in 2002 to celebrate the bi-centenary of Hill's birth.

Princes Street, Edinburgh

During the 1840s, professional photographers including DavidsonHowiePopowitzRossThomson and others established studios in  Princes Street.

They were able to carry out their business  free from the calotype and daguerreotype patents that applied in England and Wales.

From the early 1850s, a few Photographic Societies began to be established throughout Britain, including:
   -  in 1856:  The Photographic Society of Scotland (PSS)
   -  in 1861:  Edinburgh Photographic Society (EPS) which still exists.



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