Princes Street


Princes Street  -  Views

Map of Princes Street  -  for views looking west

looking West

Map of Princes Street  -  for views from the south

from the South

Map of Princes Street  -  for views looking east

looking East


Princes Street  -  Photographic Studios

   Map of the junction of Hanover Street and Princes Street  -  a popular location for early photographic studios

Hanover Street

19th century

Princes Street Studios  -  1865

Princes Street


    Maps of Princes Street  -  including photographic studios

More maps of Princes Street  -  including photographic studios


The Route from Princes Street to EPS

Edinburgh Photographic Society's premises are at 68 Great King Street

  Map showing the route from the National Galleries to Edinburgh Photographic Society

1860 - The Route to EPS


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