Hanover Street and Princes Street


Map of Hanover Street and Frederick Street showing Photographic Studios

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Photographic Studios

The three broad streets in this map are:

-  running horizontally (upper part of map)  -  George Street

-  running horizontally (base of map)  -  Princes Street

-  running vertically (right hand side)  -  Hanover Street.

This was a popular location for photographic studios.  Near the bottom right hand corner, Nos. 3 and 5 Hanover Street can be seen.  Yerbury and McCraw had studios here.  The address given in the Edinburgh Trade Directories was 3 Hanover Street, but the address given by McCraw, and possibly, also, by Yerbury sometimes No. 5 Hanover Street.

No. 1 Hanover Street is not shown on this map, but it appears to have been a side door to the premises at Nos. 75-77 Princes Street.  Parisian Photo Co sometimes used the address 1 Hanover Street, and sometimes used the address No. 75 Princes Street.  I believe that both addresses referred to the same studio.

A few yards along Princes Street, to the west of its junction with Hanover Street was No. 79 Princes Street.  More photographic companies  appear to have been based at this studio than at any other Edinburgh address.

Ron Cosens reports that he has a carte de visite from William McCraw giving the address of 5 Hanover Street, Corner of Princes Street.  It is dated in manuscript, 1863, and has in tiny font on the back "Removing to 79 Princes Street, 1st Floor".


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