Dumbiedykes Photographs

Dumbiedykes Road

The Green outside No 34

Pat Ramage on the Second Balcony at 34 Dumbiedykes Road  -   around 1955

Pat Ramage on the Second Balcony at 34 Dumbiedykes Road, around 1955

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jean Rae, who lived at 34 Dumbiedykes Road until its demolition in the 1960s


Dumbiedykes Road

2nd Balcony, No 34

View to the SE from 'The Balconies'

This photo was taken from the 2nd Balcony of No 34 Dumbiedykes Road, around 1955.  The girl in the photo is Pat Ramage.

The view in the large picture above looks to the SE from 'The Balconies'.  In the background are Holyrood Park and Salisbury Crags.  The area in the middle-distance was known as 'The Big Green'.  Here is another view of 'The Big Green', this one taken from the greens in front of 'The Balconies'.

The Big Green, Dumbiedykes Road

'The Balconies' was a three storey tenement on the west side of  Dumbiedykes Road, between its junctions with Waterston Avenue and Prospect Place. 

This part of Dumbiedykes Road lies under the vertical red boundary line at the upper centre of this map.  (This is a large map so may be slow to load.)

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1940  -  Dumbiedykes and St Leonards  section



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