Portobello Holidays

at the foot of Bath Street

Portobello Beach at the foot of Bath Street

Around 1945

Family and Sand Castle on the beach at the foot of Bath Street, Portobello  -  1945

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margaret McCafferty, Allanton, near Shotts, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.




Margaret McCafferty

Allanton, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Thank you to Margaret McCafferty for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Margaret wrote:

Portobello Holidays


"This photograph is of our family group along with my cousins taken in or around 1945.  It was at the bottom of King Street. (actually King's Road - see below.) There was always good sand at this point.

The old lady at the back of the  picture is my gran the one responsible for all of the Laird families loving Portobello.

We all came on holiday to King Street, year after year.  I can remember at one time staying at the top of that street near to the co-op on the corner.  There, we lived there with a Mrs Morris.

We all have great memories of Portobello and we still bring our grandkids up for the day on many occasions during the summer."

Figure of Eight Railway

"One of the things we loved was the figure eight railway.  Well, that's what we called it  -  also to get into the open air baths with the electric waves.

This was great for us as we did not have anything like it around us.  We lived at that time in New Mains, Lanarkshire.  Our grandparents came from Waterloo, Lanarkshire."

Margaret McCafferty, Allanton, near Shotts, North Lanarkshire, Scotland:  February 3, 2008




Kieran Panico

Restalrig, Edinburgh

Thank you to Kieran Panico for his message below.  Kieran wrote:

Portobello Holidays

My Grandmother

"The Mrs Morris mentioned putting up the family at the top of King's Road (not King Street as mentioned) was my Grandmother.  She used to take in families from Glasgow each 'Glasgow Fair' fortnight.

I remember her telling me that she would have the same family coming through from Glasgow each year.  I wonder if Margaret's family (above) were regular visitors to Mrs Morris' house in Portobello, or if they just visited her once, around 1945."

Kieran Panico,




Margaret McCafferty

Allanton, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

I was pleased to receive another message from Margaret McCafferty.  Please see below for the message that Margaret wrote.

I've now passed on Kieran Panico's contact details to Margaret.  I hope that Margaret and Kieran will be able to make contact with each other.

Margaret wrote:

Portobello Holidays

Mrs Morris

"I had just gone into the EdinPhoto site for another look, and to bring back those great memories Portobello, when I noticed that the granddaughter of Mrs Morris where we lived in Kings Road had replied to me.

Sorry i had never noticed this and, yes, we were regular visitors to her gran each year and loved it.  My mother got on great with Mrs Morris and at nights when we were in bed mum and dad would sit and have a good old blether with Mrs Morris.  She was a lovely person and so were her children.  Nobody can take these memories from us.  We are always talking about the things we did at Portobello.

Tram Rides

"One thing we loved was to have a hurl on the tram into Joppa, then turn and come back home.  This was a great thing for us. We got to sit got sit upstairs in the tram, and when we were coming back the conductor allowed us to change the back of the seats so we would be face the correct way."

Margaret McCafferty, Allanton, near Shotts, North Lanarkshire, Scotland:  February 3, 2008


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