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St Leonard's District -  1920s

©   Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Gordon, Old Town, Edinburgh


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    St Leonard's District -  1920s ©


St Leonard's District  -  1920s


This view looks to the north down Pleasance from the corner of Pleasance and Carnegie Street.  MacPherson's pub is in the foreground, advertising:

"Disher's 'Ten Guinea Ale in Bottle".

The writing on the wall at the extreme left of the photo reads:

"Simon Square".

South Richmond Street

Here is a view of the west side of MacPherson's, facing on to South Richmond Street

St Leonard's District -  1920s ©


South Richmond Street been demolished.  Please click on the map below to see where South Richmond Street used to be.  The street is half-way down the map on the left-hand side:

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1925  -  Dumbiedykes and St Leonard's ©

Collection of Photos

The image  above is taken from a collection of whole-plate negatives.  The photos were probably taken around the 1920s. 

If you recognise this street, please email me.

Thank you.    Peter Stubbs: July 4, 2008



Thank you to Eric Gold, East London who wrote:

MacPherson's Pub

"I've been looking at the date when the pub was built, but I canít make it out.

As you said there was a lot demolishing in the 1920s and the pub was unfortunately a victim.  I bet the bar was in marble and the seats and tables were lovely as was the Victorian interior and those lovely gas lamps too.  I wish councils would leave these lovely places alone."

Eric Gold, East London:  July 10, 2008

I've checked on the scan that I made from the original negative.  The date on high on the wall of the pub is in fact '1890', so the pub was probably there for just under 40 years.

Peter Stubbs:  July 11, 2008


St Leonard's District  -  2008


Please click on one of  the thumbnail images below to see what this area looks like in 2008.

Deaconess Hospital, Pleasance  -  July 2008 ©      Deaconess Hospital, Pleasance  -  July 2008 ©


1891 Maps

Pleasance can be found running down the centre of the Dumbiedykes map and in the top-left corner of the St Leonard's map below.



1891 Map

    Edinburgh Old Town  -  Extract from a Bartholemew Map, 1891  -  Dumbiedykes ©

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St Leonard's

1891 Map

   Edinburgh Old Town  -  Extract from a Bartholemew Map, 1891  -  St Leonard's ©

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St Leonard's District

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