Deaconess Hospital


July 2008

Davie Street Primary School  -  July 2008

Peter Stubbs                                                                                 Photograph taken July 8, 2008


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   Deaconess Hospital, Pleasance  -  July 2008


Deaconess Hospital  -  Pleasance


This view looks to the east along Gilmour Street towards Deaconess Hospital in Pleasance.  Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park are just visible in the background on the extreme-right of the photo.

Below is another view of the hospital.  This view includes an old Edinburgh Police Box that was decorated for a recent Edinburgh Festival Fringe event.

Deaconess Hospital, Pleasance  -  July 2008


Here is an earlier view of the Deaconess Hospital, one of a collection of photos taken in and around Dumbiedykes shortly before much of the housing in the area was demolished.

The police box can also be seen in this picture to the left of the two lamp posts.

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Deaconess Hospital


This view of the area was taken even earlier, in the 1920s,shortly before many of the buildings in the St Leonard's area (including MacPherson's public house) were demolished.

St Leonard's District -  1920s

This photo was taken from about the same position as the 2008 photo above, but with much of the Deaconess Hospital obscured by MacPherson's public house.  However, on the extreme right of the 1920s photo, the door of the Deaconess Hospital in Pleasance can be seen bearing the legend 'Police Station'.

The front door of MacPherson's Public House stood approximately where the trees are in this photo:

Deaconess Hospital, Pleasance  -  July 2008



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