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Abbeyhill Station


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Abbeyhill Station

Abbeyhill Station was the first station on the line from Waverley to Granton.  It was also on the South Suburban Line and one of the lines (but not the East Coast Main Line) from Waverley to Portobello.

Passenger services were withdrawn from Abbeyhill station on September 7, 1964. 


However, in 1986, a new Meadowbank Station was created immediately to the east side of Marionville Road,  i.e. between Abbeyhill and Piershill stations.  It opened for the duration of the Commonwealth Games that were held at nearby Meadowbank Stadium.

Here is a photo of Abbeyhill station taken probably in the early 1900s.  Abbeyhill station remained open to passenger traffic until 1964.

Abbeyhill Station  -  One of the special shuttle trains from Edinburgh Waverley Station to the Commonwealth Games at Meadowbank Stadium

Thank you to Michael Smith, Stockbridge, Edinburgh and to John Wilson, Slateford, Edinburgh
 for supplying the details above.



Are there any clues in the picture above as to which year the photo might have been taken?


Thank you to Alan Grieve who replied


"The photo shows, on  the loco's buffer beam, that it was shedded at St Margaret's, Edinburgh.

Records show it was at St Margaret's from:

-  19 Aug 1957 to 21 May 1960

-  19 Jun 1961 to 12 Oct 1964 and

-   4 Oct 1965 to  3 Apr 1966.

So the photograph can not be before August 1957 or after April 1966.

Aberdeen, Moray and Fife

Interestingly, the loco went new to Kittybrewster (Aberdeen) in 1948.  It had a spell at Keith (Moray) in 1950.

It came to St Margaret's from Kittybrewster in 1957 and went back there from 1960 to 1961.

After finally leaving Edinburgh in April 1966 went to Thornton Junction from where it went for scrap in December 1966.   

Alan R Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  January 22, 2007



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