Princes Street

Preparing for the trams

due to start running in 2011  2014

Looking to the SW across Princes Street and towards the West End

Preparing Princes Street for the arrival of trams in 2011

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                       Photograph taken June 18, 2009


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    Preparing Princes Street for the arrival of trams in 2011 ©


Princes Street

Preparing for the Trams

June 2009

This view looks to the SE from Starbucks Café on the first floor, overlooking Princes Street.  Here are the first of the tram lines that were laid earlier in the week for the new trams that are due to start running from Newhaven to Edinburgh Airport in 2011.

UPDATE September 2011:  Latest estimated date for running to start, 2014.

In the background are (left to right):

-  the spire of St Cuthbert's Church, near the West End.

-  The Caledonian Hotel in Lothian Road  -  the building in pink stone.

-  The tower of St John's Church at the West End of Princes Street.

This photo was taken on a fine summer morning in June 2009.

Here are more photos of Princes Street being prepared for the trams.




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