Dumbiedykes Survey Photographs  -  1959 Survey

Prospect Street

Prospect Place

Prospect Terrace


Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Prospect Street

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services 


Prospect Street, Prospect Place and Prospect Terrace


PROSPECT PLACE is the street running down the hill on the left-hand side of this picture.  It leads past St Margaret's Church to join Dumbiedykes Road close to the bowling green.

PROSPECT TERRACE is the street running to the left, just beyond the black car.  This is a short street with tenements on one side of the street and St Margaret's Church on the other side.  This view looks back along Prospect Terrace towards the steep-sloping Prospect Place.

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Prospect Street ©

Prospect Terrace leads to the Balconies, Lower Viewcraig Row.

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Lower Viewcraig Row, with an arrow pointing to Number 65, First Balcony ©

The shop on the corner of Prospect Place and Prospect Terrace, beside the car in this photo is Laing, Grocer

PROSPECT STREET is the street on the right-hand side of this picture.  It leads to the steep-sloping Arthur Street.  This photo shows the southern end of Prospect Street and its junction with Arthur Street.

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Prospect Place ©




Jeanette Boon

(née Keighren)

Welland, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Jeanette Boon, now living in Canada for sending me the following comments on this photograph.

Jeanette wrote:

   Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Prospect Street and St Margaret's Church ©

The Church

"This photograph is of Prospect Street and St. Margaret's Church.  I used to attend this church.

I'm sure a lot of people will remember Miss Riley, the Sunday school teacher.  She always wore a grey skirt and jacket.  I used to think she was a nun."

Jeanette Boon, Canada




Robert Luciani

Thorold, Ontario, Canada

Jeanette is not the only person to remember Miss Riley.

Roberta Luciani, also living in Canada, wrote:

     Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Prospect Street and St Margaret's Church ©

Miss Riley

"I wonder if anyone remembers Miss Riley?  She was a wonderful woman who ran all the programmes at the church, Sunday school, drama club etc."

Roberta Luciani, Thorold, Ontario, Canada:  February 10, 2008




Stuart Laing

Central Bedfordshire, England

Thank you to Stuart Laing who wrote:

Grocers' Shop

"My father had a grocer's shop, George Laing & Son, in Prospect Terrace.  The shop belonged initially to my grandfather, George, then my  father took it over eventually and ran it till he died in 1961.  Shortly after that, the area was all demolished."

Austin A40

     Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Prospect Street and St Margaret's Church ©

"The view on this page shows St Margaret's Church and my father's shop, which has a car parked outside it, an Austin A40 in which I learnt to drive many years ago."

Stuart Laing, Central Bedfordshire, England:  June 6, 2009



Tony Henderson

Thank you to Tony Henderson for leaving a message in the EdinPhoto guest book.  Tony, who formerly lived in Lower Viewcraig Row wrote:

Grocers' Shop

"I was interested to read Stuart Laing's comments about Laing's shop in Prospect Street.

We always knew the shop as Cecil Laing's, about 1938 to 1951.  The shop owner was a great help to some families at times."

Tony Henderson, Canada:  Message posted in EdinPhoto guest book, June 9, 2009


The large photograph above was one of several dozen taken in 1959 by Adam H Malcolm in the Dumbiedykes area of Edinburgh.  These photographs were taken shortly before the houses were demolished.  Adam H Malcolm donated these photographs to the Edinburgh City Libraries in the 1960s and they can now be found in the Library's Edinburgh Room Collection.



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