Dumbiedykes Survey Photographs  -  1959 Survey

Lower Viewcraig Row

Dumbiedykes  -  Lower Viewcraig Row
 with an arrow pointing to Number 65, First Balcony

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Lower Viewcraig Row, with an arrow pointing to Number 65, First Balcony

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services and Jeanette Boon, Canada       [Ref A905A]


Lower Viewcraig Row

Jeanette Boon
(formerly Jeanette Keighren)


Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Here is a view of Lower Viewcraig Row, Dumbiedykes provided by Jeanette Boon (formerly Jeanette Keighren) who lived at  65 First Balcony, Lower Viewcraig Row until 1951.  The arrow beside this photograph points to 65, First Balcony.

Thank you to George Stevenson, now living at Livingston, West Lothian.

George and his family moved into 65 Lower Viewcraig Row in 1955 in 1955 when he was aged four and his brother aged two.  George wrote:

No. 65

First Balcony

Lower Viewcraig Row

"Amazing!  We stayed in the same house.  There were five of us, my brother, my sister, my mum and my dad, who used to drive a 'Westons Biscuits' van which sometimes parked in front of where I think the Whiteheads lived

Did Mrs Boon live there when the Ramsays stayed next door?

Reply from Jeanette Boon

Yes: I lived at Lower Viewcraig Row when Alex and Mima Ramsay lived there.  I also remember the Robertsons,  McAffertys, McAuleys, Oddies and a few others.

Here are photos of some of the residents of Lower Viewcraig Row.

Dumbiedykes, Lower Viewcraig Row  -  Wedding ©    Dumbiedykes, Lower Viewcraig Row  -  Wedding  -  back of the photo ©

Jeanette Boon (née Keighren) Canada:  December 3, 2005

There were the Robertsons on the same balcony.  Ronnie and Brian went to sea like myself.  Brian became Captain Robertson with P&O.  I had the pleasure of sailing with him. He is now retired.

There was an 'Auld Lizzie' who stayed on the bottom row.  She was blind.

The Minister of St Margaret's Church, at the time I stayed there, was the Rev Duncan Shaw.  I believe he became the Moderator of the Church of Scotland after (serves yae right) Selby Wright Canongate Kirk.

The McAffertys lived on the top balcony. One, I think Dann McAfferty, put a penny banger in my jacket pocket.  My dad wasn't pleased about it."

George Stevenson, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland:
Nov 29 + Dec 15, 2005


Reunion in Canada

Jeanette who sent me the copy of the photograph above now lives Welland, Ontario, Canada.  On September 22, 2005 she hosted a reunion of some of the former residents of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh History  -   Recollections  -  Dumbiedykes reunion in Canada ©


Lower Viewcraig Row

More Residents

Nos. 23, 58, 76

More Resident

It was good to receive a messages from more former resident of these buildings.

 Ian Mycko who now lives in Gilmerton, Edinburgh, wrote:

No. 58

Lower Viewcraig Row

"I was just sitting here, Sunday evening, and thought I'd give your site a look again.  What a shock I got  -  a picture of Lower Viewcraig Row.

I moved to Lower Viewcraig Row from Prospect Terrace.  I stayed at no 58.  I also see Lloyd Graham and Danny McGhee mentioned.  I remember them well.   I would love it if you could pass on my email to them so i can get in touch.

I must admit I'm sitting here with a tear in my eye.  It was one hell of a place, derelict buildings etc but the times and people were just terrific  -  a  great place to grow up."

Ian Mycko:  November 13, 2005

Janice Brodie (née Oddie), now living in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, wrote:

No. 76

Lower Viewcraig Row

"I lived at No 76, Lower Viewcraig Row, from around 1952 to 1970, when we were the VERY LAST family to be "re-housed" in all of the 4 rows of tenements. 

 My granny and granddad lived there prior to my parents buying the house in 1952, Jock and Isa Oddie. 

I remember the Browns/Buchans, Robertsons, Hughes, Masons, Mycko's, McDougall's, Mackay's, McClelland's, McTaggart's (with the chimps !!)

Janice Brodie, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia:  December 15, 2005

Charles MacDonald, now living in West Lothian, Scotland, wrote:

No. 23

Lower Viewcraig Row

"I have just discovered the information about the Dumbiedykes on the Internet.

My name is Charles MacDonald.  My father was called Charlie  and my mother was called Margaret or Peggy and we lived at number 23 Lower Viewcraig Row, top flat at the paper shop end, Yardleys if my memory is right.

I thought all the old place was long forgotten and all pictures by now had disappeared, its good to see the information is still there.  Now I can show all this to my children and grandchildren.

Like most children in that area, I went to Milton House Primary School (now called the Royal Mile Primary School) and later to James Clark's. 

James Clark's Secondary School is the long building amongst the trees in the foreground of this picture  -  Peter Stubbs.

Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park, in the mist  -  A photograph by Wullie Croal ©

Although the building still stands, it has been converted to houses and flats.  Just imagine living in your old classroom !

Charles MacDonald, West Lothian, Scotland:  July 21, 2006



Lower Viewcraig Row

Scotty Henderson


Thank you to Scotty Henderson, now living in Canada, who wrote:

1933 - 57

"I lived in 33 Lower View Craig Row from 1933 till 1951 when I left for National Service then from 1953 till 54 when I married and moved to 17 St James Square, top floor single end.

In 1957 moved to Canada and am now retired there."

1968 - 69

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Lower Viewcraig Row, with an arrow pointing to Number 65, First Balcony ©

"It looks like this picture was taken about the time they were going to  demolish  Lower Viewcraig Row, around 1969.

At that time we had decided to bring our two children back to Edinburgh for a holiday from Canada, our oldest having been born in Edinburgh and our youngest born in Canada.

I had always told them about our zinc bath that hung on the "lavvy" wall.  It was taken into the kitchen near the fire when in use.

When I took them to see where, I lived and it was just before the demolition.  We looked in the "lavvy" window and there, still hanging on the wall, was the zinc bath!

My Mum & Dad had moved out in '68 to live in the Canongate where they finally got a bath in the house!  If I had brought the bath here I could have sold it for a fortune!

Scotty Henderson, Canada:  November 18+19, 2006



Lower Viewcraig Row

Joan Rafferty


Thank you to Joan Ballentyne, formerly of Edinburgh, now living in Darlington, North-East England for leaving the following message in the EdinPhoto Guest Book.

It would be good if somebody could contact Joan.

"I'm trying to get mum and dad onto the EdinPhoto web site.  They were both brought up on the Southside.

-  Dad (John Ballantyne, 65) on East Arthur Place

-  Mum (Joan Rafferty, 69) on Lower Viewcraig Row.

I would be grateful if anyone who  recollects them them could let me know.  email jeballantyne@aol.com"

Joan Ballentyne, Darlington, North East England, December 2, 2006.



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