Photo-Mechanical Engraving Processes


Engravings and Engravers  -  An example of the Photomechanical Process  -  Image in brown of two cars.

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tom Laronga, Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA

Zoom in to the detail on this plate

Engravings and Engravers  - Zoom-in to detail on an example of the Photomechanical Process  -  Image in blue of a car.


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Photo-Mechanical Engraving Processes

I have included the illustration of the plate above as an example of a photo-mechanical engraving process.

I don't know when the photograph was taken, but perhaps somebody will be able to tell me.  Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions.  Might be a photograph of cars from around 1900,  taken inside or outside a museum?



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