Granton Harbour

   Edinburgh Waterfront  -  A walk down Middle Pier, Granton Harbour  -  3 August 2002

1950s to 1970s


Recollections  -  1

Grant King


Thank you to Grant King, Aberdeenshire, for his recollections of Granton Harbour  from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Grant wrote:

The Last Northern Waters Fishing Fleet

"I moved from Edinburgh to an old railway house just outside Brechin in the 1980s, after having had the fortune or misfortune to be made redundant from the last northern waters fishing fleet out of Granton.  At the time it was Boyd.  It was William Liston in a former life.

It was a sad occasion to see the harbour run down and the fishing fleet disassembled.  Granton up until then had been home and work for most of my family."

King Family

"At one time, at Granton all of these members of my family were working at  Granton as crane drivers or taxi drivers.

-  Peter King (my grandfather)

-  Ian King (my father)

-  Hugh King (my uncle)

-  Robert King (my uncle)

Jimmy King (my uncle) must have been the black sheep of the family as he worked in Lieth Docks.


"My father (Ian King) was a crane driver based at the middle pier, Granton Harbour.  He was always kept busy between landing fish, lifting sail boats in and out of the water and working on  the last extension that was built which allowed the 'heavy lift' boats to dock and load equipment from Bruce / Parsons Peebles.

Granton Harbour - A load for a power station arrives from Bruce Peebles in the 1960s

The coal crane the was situated at the end of the middle pier was said to be a great piece of engineering  - not that my father would have agreed.  He was a capstan operator at one time and whilst working capstan that pulled the coal waggons on to the weighing machine, the line parted and hit my father in the face.

He was extremely lucky that he only required a couple of stitches to a cut on his nose and cheek.


"It was interesting to read the accounts of the dredger Rockchime as this was an insight into my families history.  If I am guessing right the captain of the Rockchime who was my grandfather, Peter King.   I only knew him as the manager / foreman of the West Pier.


Hugh King, my uncle ran the taxi business along with also being a crane driver from the little wooden shack that was at the top of the middle pier.  My grandfather may also have started the taxi business.

Grant King, Aberdeenshire, now working in Trinidad October 23, 2006


Recollections  -  2

Darney Devlin


Thank you to Darney Devlin, grandson for telling me about the Granton trawling business of T L Leishman, his grandfather, and for also making this mention of Granton Harbour:

Martin's Boat Yard

"Martin's Boat Yard was a small yard at the southern end of Granton Western Breakwater.  Boats were launched from the beach beside the yard into the harbour.  The boatyard came to an end when it caught fire, possibly around the  mid- to late-1960s."

Darney Devlin:  November 2006

I don't know whether or not it was in fact used for that purpose.  Perhaps you know, and will e-mail me to tell me.    - Peter Stubbs,  December 16, 2006



T L Devlin (Trawler Owners)


Family Car





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