Holyrood Palace
 and Abbey

from Calton Hill

Holyrood Palace & Arthur's Seat       -       Photographer:  George Washington Wilson

George Washington WIlson's Albumen Print of Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat

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Holyrood from Calton Hill

George Washington Wilson

George Washington Wilson of Aberdeen, like James Valentine of Dundee, produced a very large number of views of Scotland in the 19th century.  Both companies sold their prints individually and mounted into albums.

The image below is taken from an albumen print, approx 8 ins x 5.25 ins. The title of the photograph is Holyrood Palace & Arthur's Seat.

The photograph [No.202GWW.] was one of the earliest of George Washington Wilson's photos.  I have not yet discovered the date when it was taken.

The picture shows Holyrood Abbey (left) with Holyrood Palace beside it (right), with Calton Hill in Queen's Park in the background.

Please click the image below to see a similar photographs by George Washington Wilson and by J Patrick

J Patrick


James Valentine

   Albumen Print of Holyrood Palace and Abbey from Calton Hill  -  James Valentine  -  1878 or earlier


The photos by Patrick, Valentine and Wilson are very similar to each other.  Please click here to see all three photographs on the same page:

   3 photos on one page

      George Washington Wilson's Albumen Print of Holyrood from Calton Hill


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